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Whitecrowe - The Project Management Company

Tour Marketing, Record Release Management and Coordination, Special Projects, and Music Business Consulting and Education.

Kimiko Tokita spent the first 17 years of her career in the music business working for the artist management firm, Fitzgerald Hartley, where she explored many fields within the industry.

"Artist management gives you a great overview of the industry in general, as you work with everyone closely. I thought in order to be a good manager, I should know something about everyone's job, to better support everyone on our team. That led to a wealth of knowledge."

In 2008 she moved to Austin, TX where she opened an artist development satellite office for the company, which closed in 2009, after the music industry and economy crashed. Kimiko stayed on in Austin for an additional six years, and began researching Austin's supportive music community, with the hopes of learning more about the organic growth (and rebirth) of the music business, from the ground up, paying close attention to technology.

Now residing in Ojai, CA, she now works on special projects, primarily working with artist managers, providing temporary support when needed.

"It's nice to have and extra professional hand, but not have to carry it full time. The project coordination of record releases and tour marketing and social network management are the key services for the company. "

Other industry interests include preserving historic venues and music business education.